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Updated version of our original post. If you are of the opinion that “my vote doesn’t count in DE” or “it doesn’t matter if I vote or not, they are just going to steal the election anyway,” Thursday night’s total annihilation of her opponent by Valerie Jones Giltner, to become the new 37th District House Representative, is living proof that your vote “absolutely” counts!  One of our RDC’s, Jason Dean, who was an integral part of Valerie’s campaign, made the aforementioned statement to me and it bears repeating over and over again.  The left, and their willing partners in the media, have been gas lighting the public for years into believing that our system is so totally broken that Republicans will never see a fair election again.  Many have bought into it and just thrown their hands up in surrender.  Well, not Valerie, and certainly not her campaign committee, led by Lewis Briggs, who took a totally different approach to WINNING and incorporated both new and older (proven) techniques to approach this race leaving no stone unturned. 


The ENTIRE state got involved, with volunteers coming down from New Castle and Kent, who then coupled with our own Sussex volunteers to knock on doors, drop literature, make phone calls and serve as poll greeters to support Valerie and her mission to win the 37th District Representative seat.  We all pressed hard for people to come out and early vote and we WON the early vote!  This is huge going into “election day,” not just because we were ahead, BUT because it took all the pressure off of “hoping” our base would turn out on the “traditional”election day.  Whether you are of the opinion that early voting is a good thing or not, it is the law of the state and we need to use every tool in the toolbox to WIN.  But, the biggest “thanks” goes to Valerie, herself.  What a terrific candidate!  Her hard work, determination and voter appeal WON THE DAY!  Ruth Briggs King, our former 37th Representative, can feel good that her replacement will “do her proud” in the House.


I want to salute a few, key volunteers who went above and beyond in this WIN.  Valerie’s “dream team” of Lewis Briggs, Lisa Briggs, Diana Robertson, Jason Dean, Senator Brian Pettyjohn and 37th RDC, Patricia Anderson led the charge.  Joyce Hoover, from New Castle County, put together 80+ phone bank team members to call registered voters in the 37th District.  This was coupled with a team of callers from the 38th District under the leadership of 38th RDC Michelle Parsons.  House Minority leader, Mike Ramone, Representative Lyndon Yearick, both from New Castle County, along with both the Senate and House Republican caucuses from all three counties, made numerous trips to door knock and encourage voters to get out and vote.  Our state RNC Committeeman, Hank McCann, made repeated trips from Kent County to canvass and work the polls as a greeter.  Our State Chair, Julianne Murray, was able to secure funds from the RNC to assist in helping to get out the vote through phone calls, texts and financial support.  My “thank you” to my counterparts in New Castle County and Kent for spearheading their respective regions in such a unified TEAM EFFORT!  Special thanks goes to Mike Bradley (WGMD) and Dan Gaffney (WXDE) for helping us get the word out. Valerie Jones Giltner victory

Interview on WBOC-TV. You all ROCK!


Folks, this is the NEW Republican party in Delaware and despite any policy differences we might have, we are going to put them aside and stay laser focused on WINNING in 2024.  I am proud to be a part of this team in my duties as Chair of Sussex County.  I ask you all to please join me as we enter the new year with the “pedal to the metal.”


Drew Sunderlin

Chair/Sussex GOP


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