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Happy New Year!

Fellow Republicans,

2023 was filled with attacks on our freedom from many different flanks. Our illustrious President passed Executive Order after Executive Order to circumvent Congress and try and push through his WOKE agenda by any means necessary. We are losing our country due to an open border and drugs are killing our youth at an unprecedented rate. The Green New Deal is a total farce and the "Build Back Better" promise was nothing but a pipe dream (more like nightmare). The left's attempt to block President Trump from running for re-election is reaching a fever pitch and the Democrats are scrambling to find a sane and electable candidate to replace Joe.....that is if they can convince him not to run again. Our "esteemed" universities are indoctrinating our students to a level of "hate" never seen before, but we are told that there is "nothing to see here." So what is the good news for 2023?

2023 was the WAKE UP CALL for Republicans, Independents and moderate Democrats all over the country. People are realizing that they have been exposed to gaslighting at its finest and are not buying what is being sold to them anymore. Right here in Sussex County, Delaware, we saw a Special Election that brought Republicans from the entire state together to help our District 37, GOP candidate, Valerie Jones Giltner, soundly defeat her opponent. Volunteers from all over worked hard to get the message out and it paid off. We ended the year on a positive note!

2024 is our year! We can not rest on our laurels. Winning one skirmish, does not a war win. 2024 is going to require all of us to dig deep and continue to employ the winning tactics we just used with each and every contest we encounter. We must IDENTIFY the key issues for each candidate, IMPLEMENT our winning strategies used in the Special Election, and INSPIRE the electorate to WANTING to vote, because they have seen, from what we together achieved in the Special Election, that EVERY VOTE ABSOLUTELY COUNTS! So HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. Let's make this OUR year!


Drew Sunderlin

Chair/Sussex GOP


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