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State Rep. Ruth Briggs King Announces Her Resignation, Effective Immediately

Special Election will be Held to Fill the Vacancy

November 15, 2023

State Rep. Ruth Briggs King (R-Georgetown/Millsboro) today announced that she is resigning from her seat in the Delaware House of Representatives, effective immediately.

Rep. Briggs King was first elected in September 2009 during a Special Election for a seat vacated by former State Rep. Joe Booth.

Rep. Briggs King said, “Today, I am ready to embark on my next challenge and change that will allow me to explore, learn, and better serve my community. After 14 years of public service, I will be resigning my position in the legislature to move into our new home. Our new residence is located just over the district line from the 37th District. I will soon become a resident of the 35th District.”

She further stated, “To many, this is no surprise since I have been candid and open about the impending changes. As you may know, the 37th District has changed as a result of the recent redistricting, and the lines have moved three times since my first election. Each time it has been an honor to meet and serve the constituents of the district. My hope is that my successor will continue placing at the forefront of elected office: quality constituent services, protecting our Constitutional rights, and promoting good governance.” By state law, the chairperson of the county committee for each political party must name a candidate to run in the Special Election that will be held to replace Rep. Briggs King.

During the 2023 legislative session, Ruth has served as a member of the following House committees: Joint Finance; Appropriations; Health & Human Development; Corrections; Judiciary; Public Safety & Homeland Security; Transportation; and Veterans Affairs. She has accepted major assignments in the legislature, tackling workers’ compensation reform, prevailing wage reform, and financial literacy, and serving on the Structural Revenue Review Task Force, the Mental Health Task Force, Educational Funding Task Force, and the Retired Employee Benefits Task Force. She has served on the Boards for Cheer; the Boys and Girls Club of Riverdale and Oak Orchard; and the Sussex County Community Crisis House.

Rep. Briggs King’s legislative achievements during her tenure in the General Assembly are countless. One of her biggest accomplishments, though, was when she helped lead the effort to address the opioid epidemic that has spread throughout our state and communities. She was a prime sponsor of legislation known as “Aiden’s Law” in response to the September 2015 death of 8-month-old Aiden Hundley. The Sussex County child was reportedly born with symptoms consistent with prenatal drug exposure and reportedly died at the hands of his parents, who were later convicted in the crime. Ruth was a champion of bi-partisan legislation aimed at protecting infants – who have been exposed to illegal drugs and alcohol during the mother’s pregnancy – through the implementation of better, more improved safeguards established by the state.

With all her legislative achievements, likely one of her most accomplished tasks throughout her tenure in the General Assembly has been her unrelenting and caring approach to constituent services. She has been one of the most hands-on legislators in the Delaware General Assembly, remaining fully engaged and as responsive as possible with constituents. Without a doubt, Ruth has had an innate ability to serve the public, always exhibiting compassion for her community. Her passionate work in helping to preserve the Richard Allen School in Georgetown as a historic, cultural, and educational center, as well as her continuing efforts in remaining a strong voice for the Hispanic community - especially as they navigated challenges faced during the pandemic - are just a couple of examples of how she continually went beyond what is expected in the service of the citizens she represented.

Under state law, when there is a vacancy in the House of Representatives, the Speaker of the House must issue a Writ of Election within 10 days of the creation of today’s vacancy in order for a Special Election to occur. The Department of Elections then must set the Special Election for 30-35 days after the Writ of Election is issued.

From Delaware House of Representatives Newsletter - Issue 575 - November 15, 2023


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