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The information presented on this page was written by Michelle Parson and originally posted on the website for the 38th District Republican Club, PAC.


Thank you, Michelle & the 38th!

Foreign owned US Wind is plowing forward relentlessly to move ahead with bringing the Maryland offshore wind turbine plan onto our Delaware beach at 3R's State Park beach, driving those high voltage cables through the Indian River Bay, through the horseshoe crab sanctuary, to connect at the Indian River Power Plant in Dagsboro and in the process destroying our beautiful coastline as we know and love it forever.

US Wind and DNREC have agreed to participate in a town hall where We The People may let them know how we feel, pose the tough questions and demand the answers, and frankly, let them see and understand our resolve AGAINST this and all offshore wind turbine projects where Delaware citizens pay the price, in higher electricity bills, tax payer grants and funding, loss of property value, loss of tourism and recreation, and destruction of our wildlife.

Must Attend
Offshore Wind Town Hall
with Senator Hocker, Rep. Gray,
DNREC and US Wind
This Wednesday, May 1
6-8 pm
Indian River High School,
29772 Armory Road, Dagsboro


Bring your signs, flags and your VOICES!

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Offshore Wind Update

Delaware Senate Bill 265

was heard in committee Wednesday 4/24/2024.   This bill seeks to increase wind energy around Delaware and to initiate a process to request bids from developers of offshore wind to bid on projects around the Delaware coast.  The bill is reported out of Committee (3 favorable, 2 on its merit) and assigned to the Senate Finance Committee.

Delaware Democrats in Power are on track to make offshore wind turbines a reality, by allowing the high voltage beach decimating cables to come ashore onto 3Rs Delaware State Park, and to then actively seek bids from the foreign-owned-empty-shell-companies who put profit above protecting marine life  and endangering the security of our most precious resource, our coastline border.

During the hearing, sane, thoughtful citizens, who can think for themselves, were vastly outnumbered by the brain dead drones of the Sierra Club automatons who would probably jump off a wind turbine into their greatest fear below, boiling ocean acid water, if it would ensure that the globe be covered in wind turbines and eliminate all human beings and right whales as a bonus. Speakers such as CRI Dave Stevenson and Fenwick Island Mayor Natalie Magdeberger were cut off from speaking after less than only 2 minutes, while Sierra Club drones were permitted to well, drone on.

Future 3Rs State Park Beach when high voltage cable comes ashore

 YOU who are reading this,

MUST now do something.

You MUST EMAIL the people who may have the most influence right now in this Senate process, and that is Sponsor of SB 265, Stephanie Hanson, and members of the Senate Finance Committee.


Stephanie Hansen

Trey Paradee

Darius Brown

Dave Lawson

Laura Sturgeon

Eric Buckson



Subject Line: Vote NO SB 265

SB 265 will decimate our State Park 3Rs beach, making it inhospitable to citizens and to wildlife, especially our horse shoe crab nurseries. Delaware should NOT be selling out one of our most precious natural resources, which are limited, to make a quick buck, selling these rights to bring onshore high voltage cables, so that foreign owned empty shell companies can make a quick buck, also without ensuring their project with a bond, with unproven success and more than likely definite environmental damage and increased energy prices for already strained Delaware citizens. We the people cannot afford this, and neither can Delaware as a State, or our Nation's security. 

There is no amount of money that is worth sacrificing our coastline, our safety, and the sanctity of marine life. 


Vote NO to SB 265, and let's keep Delaware beaches out of the reaches of greedy foreign owned companies. 

-End Email


Email Stephanie Hanson and ALL the Senators who sit on this committee, including the republican senators, so our republican senators do not give up the fight and cave to the relentless pro wind farm whining, like giving in to spoiled children out of exasperation.

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