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Sussex County Council Candidate

Steve McCarron

District 2


About Steve McCarron

Experience in Agriculture

In my 46 years I was employed in the agriculture field for over 20 years, in both the poultry industry and vegetable industry. I have worked firsthand with the farmers who make up the State and County’s largest industry for much of my adult life. We need leaders who will ensure that we balance the demand of growth, while preserving the ability of multigenerational operations still have a friendly County to grow.

Local Elected Leadership Experience

I have served on the Bridgeville Town Council as well as being elected to the Woodbridge School Board for 10 years and am a past President of the School Board. solutions that exceed their expectations.

Volunteer Fireman

I have proudly volunteered at the Bridgeville Fire Company for over 30 years, with over 10 years as a Board of Director and have held the positions of President and Chief Engineer. Our Fire and EMS service is quickly evolving, we need elected leaders with knowledge of its function, sustainability, and vision for the future as demand increases.

Small Business Owner

I am a small business owner. We own and operate an electrical contracting company, and 2 restaurants. We need leaders who understand the demands of opening new ventures, taking risks, attracting, and maintaining a growing workforce.

(302) 542-0661

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