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We the Veterans - Event

Informational flyer for We the Veterans on 03/28/24.

Veterans Day at Legislative Hall March 28, 2024

Veterans, step into history at Legislative Hall in Dover, DE on Thursday, March 28, 2024

from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM, as we rally together in a truly monumental way.  Your presence at the “People’s House” is not just welcomed but essential, as we gather to rally for our rights and needs during the prestigious Legislative Session which starts at 2 PM.  Together, our voices will resound with unity, passion, and unwavering determination.


Our mission is to champion the establishment of a Delaware cabinet-level position for Secretary of Veterans Affairs, mandate increase funding to care for our Veterans in our Veterans Home, increase our pension exemption like other states, and advocate for our legislators to support enhancements in the Veterans Directed Care program, a Federal program.


Show your solidarity by wearing your colors and symbols that represent your service and sacrifice, for together, we are a formidable voice.  It is an opportunity for veterans to forge new bonds and strengthen old ones.  Leaders from the various veteran organizations are also encouraged to arrange to meet with their district legislators prior to the start of the Legislative Session.


Amidst the hallowed halls of Legislative Hall, a moving tribute to our veterans will unfold both in the House and Senate Chambers. This will be heartfelt acknowledgement of the courage and dedication that define our service.  Please join us for respectful conversation, polite advocacy, camaraderie, and a fun day in solidarity.


Bus transportation may be arranged by some veteran groups, and food will be available from 12:00 PM to 2 PM.  For questions, email Skip Wingo (, George Stone (, Patrick Moonan ( 



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