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Sussex County School Board Candidate

Dawn M. Turner

Delmar School District

At-Large (1 Seat)

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Hi, I’m Dawn Turner, running for the open board seat in the Delmar School District. 

My husband and I have been married for 22 years and our daughter will be attending Virginia Wesleyan University in the fall to continue her education to become an Orthodontist.  She is presently a Dental Assistant, thanks to her opportunity to be in the dental program at Sussex Technical High School.

Back in January 2021, I applied for a position that became open when a board member resigned.  I applied because I felt it was important to give back to my community, as a way to pay it forward for all the good it has given me over the years.  I was chosen, after an interview process, and was a Board Member from March 2021 through June 2023. I came in right in the middle of COVID, which was a whole other problem to take in.   I then ran, and won, to keep the seat through the end of that term.  I was elected Vice President for the 2022/23 school year.  I lost my bid for the open 2023 seat.  I am presently the Chair of the CBOC, a Delmar graduate, active member of the Delmar Historical and Arts Society, Past President of the VFW Auxiliary, Member of St Stephen’s Church Bell Choir, as well as a Charter Member of the Delmar Alumni Association.  Because I’m doing outreach in my community, I often have students and parents reach out to me when they have questions/concerns.  Last spring I even had a student reach out to me about there not being various sizes of softball uniforms, at which time I reached out to the coach. I have an excellent working relationship with our board members, admin, faculty and coaches.

During my time as a board member, an interim and then new administration was put into place.  There were several projects in motion that I want to see completed.

  • Added cameras in hallways, outside external doors, etc

  • Electronic hall monitor program so the teachers would know how many were excused from classes at any give time to help prevent fighting in the bathrooms

  • Vape detectors in the bathrooms to prevent vaping/hanging in bathrooms too long

  • Pole shed to assist with winter sports when weather wasn’t conducive for practicing and preventing for teams/cheerleaders to have to share the gym and end up with a very late practice.

  • Additional areas for us to assist our students that don’t wish to go to college and would rather learn a trade.

I have not been quiet about my passion for making sure that all our students are ready for an adult life, whether it’s furthering their education through a 2 or 4 year college degree, learning a trade, or obtaining a job that will allow them to learn valuable skills.  I have encouraged and supported our guidance and admin to offer more work-based learning.  The Town of Delmar offered an Intro to Waste Water Treatment training. Several students completed the course and 2 students desired more information in this area.  This opened up possible on-the-job training.  There was also a Culinary Arts Competency Skills class offered, through the Boys and Girls Club, and several students took advantage and were able to help themselves become safety certified to work in a restaurant.  I want to keep this momentum going.  I want all our students, whether they are the top 10 or the bottom 10 of their class, or anywhere in between, to know that they each one matter and we are giving them their best foot forward when they leave our doors on their way to become productive members of society. Not only that but that they want to continue to live, raise their own family, plus give back to their community in the best little town in the state.  With all this said, I want this board seat to continue being a part of improving our student opportunities.





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