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Sussex County School Board Candidate

Brian Swain

Woodbridge School District

At-Large (1 Seat)

Voter registration:




Brian Swain announces candidacy for Woodbridge School District School Board

Member at Large.

Brian Swain has lived in Sussex County his entire life and graduated from the

Woodbridge School District in 1997. Brian was at one time involved with the

Bridgeville Lions Club and owned a small business in Bridgeville.

Swain earned a degree in Elementary Education from Wesley College. He then

pursued a career in education as a Teacher from 2001 to 2011 in the Laurel School District. In 2006 he completed a Master’s Degree in School Leadership and followed through with becoming a School Principal in 2011 at the Elementary level. Brian then moved to the middle school to become an Assistant Principal in 2013.

Brian’s main focus with his candidacy is to build strong relationships with students, parents, and all stakeholders to ensure that the schools within his home district are producing learners that can be successful whether they are leaving high school to enter the workforce or increase their education at the collegiate level. Additionally, he wants to make sure that our local community is aware of the process of how mandates from the Department of Education affect not only the learners in our district but also the staff within our schools. Swain has a specific interest in learning more about the special education demands on our district and what we can do differently or in addition to what we are doing to accommodate all learners. Lastly, Brian takes a strong interest in the safety of all staff and students and plans to work closely with state and local law enforcement to ensure that all policies and procedures currently in place are in the best interest of staff and student’s safety.


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