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Message from Delaware GOP Chair, Julianne Murray

Delaware State Republican Committee

Exciting Updates and Events from Delaware GOP: State Convention, Young Republicans Launch, and More!

April 15, 2024



Rest assured that just because you haven’t heard from me doesn’t mean that I have disappeared or that we aren’t fighting daily for the Delaware Republican Party. There has been a TON of work surrounding our state convention as well as the National Convention in Milwaukee in July. 

I was delighted to see the turnout at the Young Republicans launch last weekend at Revelations in Georgetown. New State Chair, Danny Willis, and his county chairs, put together a great event. The YR’s are alive and well in Delaware.

On the tech front, we now have Delaware GOP app in the App Store for you iPhone users. Google is not playing nice so the app for android is not yet available but we will let you know as soon as it is. This app is going to revolutionize communications in the DEGOP. With this app we will have the following capabilities: 

· One stop for communications from all the regions 

· Push notifications at NO cost 

· Send texts to your contacts about GOP events 

and much much more Download it and check it out.

Our state convention dinner is May 17, 2024, where we hold the election for National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. Both races are now contested races. For National Committeeman we have incumbent Hank McCann being challenged by Rick Radatovich. For National Committeewoman we have incumbent Mary McCrossen being challenged by Stephanie Baffone. In addition to the election, we will have guest speaker Tom Homan, Former Director of ICE under President Trump and we will be announcing the winners of Republican of the Month and Year. 

Our state nominating convention is May 18, 2024, at Hank & Bonnie McCann’s house. For those that have not attended a convention at McCann Manor, it is a great experience. Big tents are set up for the Regions and the “caucus” feel is electric. Candidates seeking endorsements will move from tent to tent to make their “pitch” and take questions (time permitting). Endorsements will by acclimation if there is only one candidate and by written vote if there is more than one candidate for a particular office. We will also be approving the slate of delegates and alternate delegates for the National Convention. 

Finally, if you had ANY doubt that we need a change in leadership in the White House, take a look at this and spread it far and wide to ALL registered voters: 

Be fearless and leave it all on the field….


Chair of the Delaware Republican Party

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