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DE State Representative Candidate

Rich Collins

DE Representative District 41


I have lived and worked in Sussex County for most of my life, farmed here, operated a business here, and raised a family here. As an incumbent legislator, I have been guided by core conservative principles that I think reflect the character of our community.

Belief in Small Government

I believe government is best when it governs least. I believe the burden of taxes and fees should be kept to an absolute minimum, which is why I have consistently voted against creating new levies or hiking existing ones.

Reduced Regulations

I believe the regulatory power of state agencies needs to be restrained. Allowing agencies the unfettered power to make rules that carry the weight of law is an infringement on the rights of citizens, who have little input in the process or ability to impact it.

Defeating Education Regulation 225

I believe state government is too often focused on carrying out the social agenda of a radical minority, such as was the case with its failed attempt to promulgate a regulation granting special rights to transgender students of any age in our public schools. I believe government should instead be preoccupied with ensuring the safety of its citizens; caring for the vulnerable; removing barriers to free commerce and job creation; and building adequate roads and other needed infrastructure.

Legislative Performance

  • Has never voted to increase your taxes.

  • Votes to protect the 2nd Amendment.

  • Votes to protect private property.

  • Believes in keeping constituents fully informed via regular Radio, TV, and Coffee meetings.

It has been a profound honor to serve the people of the 41st District for two terms. I hope I can continue to earn that trust.

If you are one who needs constituent service, you can call my cell at 381-1610 or


(302) 381-1610

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