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Delaware Governor

Jerry Price


Get to Know Jerry Price Better

Greetings, fellow Delawareans,

I am Jerry Price, a retired NYPD officer who dedicated my career to serving and protecting our great nation. In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, I was privileged to contribute to the response efforts, embodying the values of duty, honor, and dedication. Two decades ago, I chose Delaware as my family’s new home, seeking a fresh start and envisioning a peaceful retirement. Little did I know that my journey would lead me to serve the community through the Rehoboth Beach Police Department.

My experiences have shaped my perspective, and I am compelled to address the pressing issues facing our beloved state. Health challenges resulting from my past service limit my ability to patrol and protect, but they have not diminished my commitment to the well-being of Delawareans. I stand before you today to outline my vision and commitment to a better Delaware.

Key Areas of Focus:

1. Insurance Reform: I have personally grappled with the complexities of dealing with insurance companies. Despite years of diligently paying premiums, the burden of medical debt looms large due to rejected claims. I advocate for a system where your insurance is accepted based on your needs, with the only obligation being the co-pay amount.

2. Nursing Home Financial Fairness: Entering a nursing home should not equate to financial ruin. Families should not be torn apart by the weight of nursing home debt. I pledge to work towards a fair system that protects the financial well-being of our citizens during times of vulnerability.

3. Drug Crimes and Rehabilitation: Addressing drug crimes requires a multi-faceted approach. While advocating for harsh punishment for drug smugglers, I also champion the expansion of rehabilitation programs. Prison should not be the sole avenue for those seeking help; we must provide alternatives for individuals struggling with addiction.

4. Strengthening Law Enforcement: To combat rising crime rates, I propose increasing the presence of officers on our streets. Drawing on my experience in New York, I believe in the importance of officers working together for safety. I aim to enhance the Neighborhood Stabilization Unit to create a safer environment, ensuring no one fears their own neighborhood.

5. Education and Career Readiness: I support comprehensive education, emphasizing college and career readiness. By promoting vocational pathways and internship opportunities in various trades, we can provide our students with diverse options. This investment in our youth is an investment in our community and future.

6. Social Issues: I stand for traditional values. I firmly believe in recognizing only two genders and maintaining the integrity of women’s sports. I am committed to keeping small businesses open and resisting the push towards an exclusive reliance on electric cars.

As your friend and neighbor, I pledge to work tirelessly to address these issues and make Delaware a better place for all. Together, let’s build a future that reflects the values we hold dear.


Jerry Price

Republican for Governor

(302) 236 6134

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